10 Adorable Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

10 Adorable Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

We have it on good record that pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life; second to only that of motherhood itself. Some of the most exciting moments before the baby’s arrival is is witnessing the reactions of our near and dear ones, when we tell them the grand news!

Since time immemorial, people have used their local newspaper’s ‘birth announcement’ section to tell the world about the arrival of their little bundle of joy! According to a study done by Stacie Duce, in the early 1920’s, birth announcements were a vital part of newspaper sales and took a considerable amount of space in the final draft.

Today however, people seldom make birth announcements in their local newspaper! Instead, they come up with the most exciting and creative ways to break the news to their relatives and friends. And we’ve complied the best ones for you!

So if you have a bun in the oven, and cant wait to tell everyone about it…read on

Oh and so remember to get your camera ready to record all the priceless reactions you are bound to receive, they make the most beautiful memories and are worth preserving!

1. Through a game:
If you have a family game night tradition, this idea is going to be a definite hit, they’ll never see it coming! So if it’s scrabble that is the week’s choice, you could spell out the word ‘baby’ or a saying like ‘new player… arriving soon’ and display it as the family arrive for game night. If the family is a fan of charades, you could always act out or draw a term or movie related to a baby and watch the fun as they attempt guessing the great news.

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2. Bun in the oven:
The famous idiom is to be taken quite literally in this example! This works great to announce the little one’s arrival to the father to be. Here’s what you do- put an actual bun in the oven and maybe a ‘Congratulations!’ board on the door of the oven. Alternatively, you could put a soother next to the bun in the oven, or a tiny bib perhaps and just tell the father that there’s something in baking in the oven that he need to get out!

3. Copies of the sonography:
Though this sounds passé, trust us, this is a great way to announce your pregnancy to your family and especially the new grandparents to be. It is super personal, and utterly beautiful! Here’s what you do: Take a copy of your sonography and stick a cut out of a dialogue bubble next to the baby, with the text “Can’t wait to meet you, grandpa/nona/granny etc. You could use the same technique to tell your siblings about their new nephew or niece too!


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4. Sound of the heartbeat:
We loved this idea! All hail the gods of technology! Science seems to have really progressed since the 1920’s… Today you can record the heartbeat of the baby and send that to the grandparents to be with a note saying “Here’s proof that I’m coming soon to add music, joy and happiness to your lives… sometime next June (the tentative due date).

5. Candy tower:
We read somewhere, that in the during the early weeks of pregnancy, the baby looks like a jellybean and is roughly the size of one too! You could give a box of jelly beans to the father or grandparents to be and tell them that that is roughly the size of their baby and grandchild respectively, at that very moment. Or you could hide your sonography in a box of jelly beans and ask the father to pick out the most precious jelly bean from the box!
Speaking of jelly beans, why settle for one box when you can have a whole tower of them? At amazeology.com.au you can customize a confectionary tower by filling up it’s five tiers with your favorite candies (in this case we suggest you fill jelly beans and blue and pink candies in the various tiers) and send your sonography picture with it!

confectionery-tower candy tower

6. Photo shoot of the parents:
This one has become quite a trend in the recent years! Get the husband to participate in a cute little photo shoot that hints at the arrival of a little one. There are a million and more themes you could adopt for executing this idea, but whichever one you do choose, we highly recommend adding your due date somewhere in the photographs backdrop as well! Mail the resultant photographs to your friends and relatives with a “Save a place in your heart for one” note, to go with it.

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7. Fortune cookies:
Isn’t it just the most apt way to announce the forthcoming bundle of joy and good fortune? Just personalize the message, in the cookie, to read “Congratulations papa” in case you are intending to surprise the father. You can subsequently personalize the message for most of your relatives as well.
Did we hear fortune cookies? Well that’s what we specialize in 
At Amazeology you can order fortune cookies personalized with your messages and dipped in chocolate sauce and sprinkles of your liking! If you know the gender of the baby, you could get the cookies covered in pink or blue sprinkles to announce the arrival of junior to your loved ones.

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8. Baby proof supplies:
If not the physical products themselves, you could get a shopping list to read out “baby proofing supplies” as a product on your general list and surprise the father to be. You could send the grandparents to be any one baby proof product as well! They should be able to pick up on the hint 😉

9. Get the pets to announce the arrival of their new best friend:
If you have a furry little friend who you consider your first child, You could do a photo shoot with them standing next to a banner with a cute slogan that hints towards the little one’s arrival.

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10. Wish the father/ grandparents on mother’s/father’s day:
This is an excellent way to break the news to the papa to be, but is heavily dependent on the time of the year! Father’s day falls on the month of September in Australia and if you wish to use this idea, you should be be nearing September.