Custom printed marshmallows

The 10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

“The greatest gift I ever had came from God, I call him Dad.” – Unknown

Your father is your hero in more ways than one. He’s lifted you up when you’ve been low, he’s always had your back and he was the first best friend you ever had, indeed fathers are special.

Every year we celebrate Father’s Day and get a chance to show them exactly how much they mean to us. This year that beautiful day falls on Saturday the 4th of September and like always we should prepare for it with excitement and gusto.

This year, let’s put a spin on things! Presenting- The No More ‘Boring-Gifts’ Pact
Give flight to your imagination and let the creative juices flow as you think of the quirkiest gift for your father!

We’ll give you a jump-start with our suggestions:

1. A Set of personalized custom printed Marshmallows:
No more boring old white marshmallow smores, there’s something new in town! Marshmallows customized with your photographs and messages. Gift you father a box of marshmallows with your favorite photographs and/or emojis on them. You could also jumble up the marshmallows with his photograph and ask him to solve the puzzle!
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Custom printed marshmallows

2. Custom printed Macarons:
This one is for all the daddies with a major sweet tooth! Get your father a box of macarons in his favorite flavors, completely customized with his favorite color and a personalised message from you to him printed on it.
‘Where to get them’, you ask? Why, here of course!
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custom printed macarons

3. Customized cufflinks:
Get your father a pair of cufflinks customized with his initials. But these shouldn’t be just any boring old cufflinks, get your father cufflinks with…. wait for it…pen drives fitted in them. That way you don’t only customize the cufflinks but the pen drives too, by downloading his favorite songs and pictures into them! How cool is that?

4. Special boutonnieres and tiepins:
Boutonnieres are the tiny flowers worn in the buttonhole of the jacket. They are the men’s version of corsages. You could get your father the classic red rose boutonnieres or the some funky ones with a fun symbol that you can relate to! If the boutonnieres are difficult to get hold of, you could always get him a tiepin that has ‘world’s best dad’ (or any cute message) engraved on it.

boutonnieres and tiepins

5. A home projector:
Get your father that big screen he’s always wanted- get him a projector. Now we know that the heavy-duty ones burn a hole in the pockets but there is an amazing alternative to it! A ‘DIY’ phone projector that you can make at home, using a shoebox and a good lens. In fact you can even paint it in your father’s favorite colors.

home projector

6. Unique Mementos:
Give into your old man’s quirks and get him adorable keepsakes from his favorite TV series, movie characters and books. If he’s a Star Wars fan, you could get him the jedi robe or the infamous sword. It could be anything from a Three Stooges mug to a Star Trek shirt, he’s sure to love it.

Unique Mementos

7. A Universal Remote Control:
This is the perfect gift for all the fathers’ who utterly love their lazy boy- chair and TV set and hate getting up to turn down the lights and shut the garage doors- A single remote that takes care of all the things!

8. A Drone:
The real deals with a camera on top that can fly a thousand feet above ground level can be exorbitant, but there are smaller versions of the same easily available. We know what you’re thinking- ‘but he’s not a child’, and we agree, he isn’t one, but there still is one inside him! Get him to come out and play. It could be something you do together and thus get to spend some quality time together!


9. A Beard Grooming Kit:
Make sure that your father looks super suave by getting him a beard grooming kit! (That’s only if he has a beard already and is fond of growing it). The kit works well for moustaches too! In fact this gift was all the rage with the ‘No Shave November’ trend last year.

Beard Grooming Kit

10. Beer Brewing Kit
You’ll make your father’s weekends and sports nights the most fun nights ever with this gift! A kit that allows him to brew his very own beer at home. You cam encourage him to get creative and try new flavor profiles every now and then and maybe find a new hobby for him. If finding this kit is difficult or too expensive, then modify the gift into a really cool bar accessory- a beer dispenser that is easily available!

That’s all from us, though we’d love to hear from you! Send us your quirky father’s day ideas too!