Gender Reveal party Food ideas

10 Best Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas with Taste and Style

Baby showers are a perfect way to welcome a to be mother into the newest and most beautiful phase of her life- motherhood! It is a day that celebrates the new mother and her baby. Surrounded by friends and relatives who love them, the two are showered with gifts and affection.

The latest trend to hit baby showers is that of making it a “gender reveal” party as well. ‘What is a gender reveal party’ you ask? After about six months of pregnancy, the new parents get an ultrasound and head to toe sonogram done in order to determine the gender of the child. The result, however is not revealed to the parents but is sealed and given to the baker/chef preparing their baby shower’s cake. The cake is covered with a neutral color fondant or buttercream frosting, but its sponge (or the layers of frosting) is colored pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy). Only once the parents to be cut the cake, at the baby shower is the color declaring the gender of the child revealed for everyone to know.
This new trend is catching on like wildfire! But where everyone wants to have the gender revealed at their baby showers, they are also constantly looking for new ideas on how to do so.
To be mommies and daddies, there’s no need to worry when you have us! The following are the best (and the most innovative) food items that you can incorporate in your baby shower to reveal the gender of the baby:

  1. Cakes:
    We have already told you, how the gender would be revealed with the inner color of the cake. But it is the most common food element that is used to do so. If creativity is what you want, we recommend you read on
  2. Gender Reveal CakeMacarons: These French delicacies are the cutest and definitely the most elegant additions to every party! Then why should your baby shower be deprived of them? We know what you are thinking- ‘how can macarons be used to reveal anything?  Well, we’ve got a surprise in store for you! At Amazeology, you can customize your macarons with not only the shell color but also the filling of your choice! Our flavors include a blue choco mint ganache filling that can be used to announce the arrival of a baby boy, and a pink popping candy ganache (a bestseller!) that can be used for a baby girl. What’s more is that for the first time in Australia, you can get a message, an image of your choice or even a photograph printed on your macarons, to add that special touch of style to your very special occasion!
  3. best macarons melbournePies: Mini pies with blueberry filling for boys and cherry or strawberry filling for girls is an excellent alternative to the traditional cake. At dessert time ask your guests to all bite into their pies at once, to reveal the gender of the baby! Alternatively, you could always have one big pie (instead of the cake) and cut that in front of everyone to know if it is a boy or girl.Gender reveal food 
  4. Fortune Cookies: Here’s an option we love!
    Fortune cookies add the most spectacular theatrical elements to the gender reveal! And at Amazeology you can, order your fortune cookies dipped in sprinkles that reveal your baby’s gender and a personalized ‘thank you’ note for your guests by you. You could also personalize the message inside the cookie to announce the sex. And not only that, the thank you messages or a photograph of yours can be printed on the plastic wrapping of each cookie as well. What’s even better is that we deliver this surprise fresh and gorgeous at your doorstep!
  5. Gender reveal Fortune CookiesCupcakes:
    These mini cakes are all time dessert favorites! You could ask the baker, to fill the cupcakes with a colored frosting to denote the gender of the baby. The decoration of the cupcake can be that of gender neutral colors like yellow and or white!
    Gender reveal party food Cupcake
  6. Dim Sums:
    We know this sounds too unconventional, but they are a tasty savory alternative to conventionally sweet food elements used to reveal the gender. You could use food coloring to either color the steamed flour skin of the dim sums or you could also leave the coating as it is and color the filling, to add a surprise factor to the reveal. 
  7. Gender Reveal party food ideas dim sumsCookies:
    No we aren’t asking you to use food color on vanilla cookies  (though it’s not a bad option to consider!), but you can get m&m’s embedded in the cookies (the flavor of the cookies can then be whatever pleases you most and you wouldn’t need food coloring), to reveal the gender. Red m&m’s for girls and blue for boys!
  8. Whoopie pies:
    For those who don’t know, whoopee pies are the best things on planet earth, next to only pizzas! They are basically two very soft cookies, with an almost cake-y texture, sandwiching a cream filling. It’s simple, just color the cream filling to reveal the gender of the baby.
  9. Donuts: We bet you all just went ‘Yes! That’s the one!’, on reading this option.
    But we’re afraid to say that this idea too is fairly common. That being said, if you are still a donut fan and would like to keep them instead of the other options; there are two ways to go about it- get the frosting to reveal the sex or get the flavor of the filling to do so!Gender reveal party food donuts
  10. Yogurt: Now here’s a healthy alternative to the sugary options! You can hand out yogurt and granola jars as favors at the shower. The fruits used to make the yogurt can be strawberries in a case of a girl and blueberries in the case of a boy. You could also use food coloring in case you want a third flavor, but honestly, the ones mentioned are the safest and the most loved, options.