3 Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas – The Perfect Gift for Corporate Events

3 Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas – The Perfect Gift for Corporate Events

Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas – Personalised & Custom Printed Macarons, Fortune Cookies and Confectionery Towers, The Perfect Gift Idea for Corporate Events!

Corporate events are gatherings that a company organizes to pitch their products to their prospective buyers, to thank their current clients and or to commemorate all the efforts of their employees.

Companies often host these events with the aim to boost their sales or promote a healthy company image to their current associates. For this event to be a success it needs to be creatively engaging, but unfortunately, over the years these gatherings seem to follow a set pattern that more often than not hits the snooze buttons for their audience.

Now how can a company revamp these gatherings to turn them into a profitable corporate event? Why there are quite a few ways; you could always have shorter presentations and stimulating questions and answers round or better yet, present them with something that will make your company’s image stand out and boast of its creativity! So, like we have said before… say goodbye to those boring customized ball pens and frame-cum-calendars and welcome the next level of creativity in your lives with Amazeology.

The following are a number of ways, Amazeology can add oomph to your corporate event!

For the first time in Australia, companies can now get their logos and message printed on a macaron shell! If it is a product you are promoting, you could always get the image (photograph or name) of that product printed on the macaron too. At Amazeology, our clients get to choose their shell colors (with a choice of a blue, yellow, pink, green, caramel and/ or white outer shell color) and the flavor of the cream. We have six utterly delicious and funky flavors for you to choose from, like popping candy (our bestseller), salted caramel, choco mint (an all time favorite), peanut butter, orange bloom and chocolate ganache (a classic). All you have to do is upload your company logo, through your mobile or laptop gallery and selected your favorite options- and we’ll take care of the on time, fresh and free delivery (anywhere in Australia) of the most creative promotional custom made corporate gifts your audience would have ever seen- making your event a super success!
Fair warning though- you’d be so spoilt for choices, that it might take you a moment or two to make up your mind and then place the order 😉

custom corporate gift

Fortune cookies are a delicious and inexpensive way to get your message across to your target group! These crispy treats can be customized to hold a message of your choice, so you could go in for an inspirational quote to motivate your employees or a fun fact bearing some relation to the product in the discussion, to intrigue your buyers. Alternatively, you could also put in a riddle or a joke to entertain your audience. But you yourself would like to be surprised, you could always opt for our generic message option that will randomly select various “fortunes” from our library for your cookies.
But we at Amazeology, aim to amaze and get that simply customizing the messages, isn’t enough! For the first time in our country, you can get an image of your company logo, message printed on the cookie itself! Not only that, you can get the cookie dipped in chocolate dips too (milk, dark and white chocolates available) and covered in chocolate sprinkles (blue, brown, orange, green, red, purple, pink, white, yellow and multi colored- options available) or colored sugar crystals (you can choose from various colors like blue, black, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, purple and white); whatever suits your company logo the best.

Standing true to our motto “Where creating gifts is as enjoyable as receiving them”, and aiming at a hundred percent consumer satisfaction, at Amazeology, you can see a digital representation of what your end product is going to look like, so that you can rest assured of your order and don’t have to play the anxious guessing game.

We have an impeccable bulk order delivery track record and are well equipped to handle heavy quantities, with fresh and timely deliveries of our goods.

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Amazeology is a haven for all things sweet and creative, and so we proudly present our latest addition- the Confectionary Towers! Give your clients and audience a chance to dive back into the sweet memories of their childhood with custom made confectionary towers. You can choose from a variety of over fifty candies and lolies to fill up the five tiers of your tower. So be it the utterly sour worms, or the absolutely delectable Jersey caramels, we have them all!

Not only does the confectionary tower make a unique promotional corporate gift idea, but it allows its recipients to indulge in fond reminiscence of their pleasant youth and in their – positively effecting your brand image. It is also a product that they can take home and share with their family, allowing brand reinforcement.

Coming back to the Confectionary towers, we have an easy solution to the obvious dilemma that you are likely to face whilst picking out the candies for your towers, the problem of being too spoilt for choice, that is, our range of pre made towers.

Here’s a list of our pre-made towers for your reference:
 The Rouge Amour
 Garden Tower
 Lime and Lemony
 Pink Passion
 Candy by the bay
 Sweet Snow Bites
 Sour Tower
 Yummy Gummy tower
 Tall ball Tower
 Rainbow or the All-in-one tower

Pick the one that is most suitable for your event and get it wrapped in a pretty neat bow to add the perfect finishing touch. Lastly, each tower can be accompanied with a personalized note, that can bear a personal message for the receiver on the company’s behalf.

Here’s where all Amazeology can help you add that touch of oomph and pizzazz to your events:
1. At a company product launch event– Amazeology’s array of products are the most delicious and well… let’s face it wanted to change to the mundane (not so) ‘goodie bag’ handed out at events. With our special customization feature, you could also have the various features of the product printed as the message in the cookie.

2. Corporate gift for company meets and events– The whole point of a company meet to induce a creative environment that encourages brainstorming and innovation; then why would the arrangements for the said event have a boring hand out! And what really shouts of innovation more than Amazeology’s range of completely personalized products that are loved by all age groups?

3. One on one meetings– How smart do custom made macarons bearing the company’s logo on them, look at a meeting during tea time? Very.
They not only show a special eye for detail on the hosting company’s part but also leave an impressive impression on the clients.

4. Corporate gifts for client– okay, there isn’t one person who doesn’t love receiving these delicious confectionaries! No matter what age bracket or gender one is targeting, this one gift is sure to be loved by all. Not to mention the positive impact it has on the company’s image in terms of innovation.

5. Corporate gifts to employees, staff rewards– There really isn’t a sweeter way to reward anyone. Amazeology’s scrumptious desserts, and meant to be shared and enjoyed. Everyone loves indulging in their sweet fantasies and with our range of tasty treats, saying “thank you” is made a whole lot more special.

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