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9 Unique Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas in Australia

For all of us, our birthdays mark the most important date in our annual calendars, and why not? It’s the one day when we get to behave and feel like royalty… get pampered and spoilt by all our near and dear ones and just have a ball!

That being said, the other important dates, mark the birthdays of our loved ones and like they would for us, we too need to shower them with all our love and affection. On such momentous occasion, one often finds themselves wondering what gift would best commemorate the receiver and the special date.

For those of you, who’ve ever been in such a situation… read on… you might just get some great ideas !

For those with a sweet tooth:

Why this is our favorite category, and boy do we have special treats for you!
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For the music maestro:
Everyone loves a karaoke kit, but only a true music lover will appreciate its value! You could get your friend a karaoke set with their favorite songs preinstalled in them. Some karaoke systems also grade and score the singers once they’ve displayed their musical talents, which makes them great additions to a house party! Another great option is to offer to upgrade their favorite musical instrument or give it a makeover with a personalized case (you could go the DIY route with the makeover!)

Birthday Gift

For the sports enthusiast:
Usually, we’d recommend a fitness tracker that keeps count of the number of steps you have walked and keeps a vigil eye on your blood sugar levels and sleep patterns; but seeing their popularity, it is safe to assume that your sporty friend already has one. In which case, you could give them tickets to a footy match or an upcoming cricket series; whichever is their sport of choice. Alternatively, you could arrange a cricket/football match between friends and family on your friend’s birthday.

Birthday Gift

For the master chef:

For anyone who loves cooking, the ideal gift is generally a cookbook authored by their favorite chef! But if that doesn’t float your boat, you could go with an off-beat cooking tool- like a smoking machine or a blow torch (though that doesn’t exactly scream “affection”, the receiver will hopefully see your intention behind it). Option three- you could book them for a dinner at their favorite chef’s restaurant too.

Birthday Gift

For the literati:
Every bookworm has a list of their favorite authors and poets, if you’re willing to spend a buck, you could get them a first edition (and possibly signed) copy of their favorite book- (though this will require considerable effort on your part- we’re sure it’ll be worth it when your friend sees it). You could also make a hamper of all the books on your friend’s reading wish list (all voracious readers have one, at all times).

Birthday Gift

For the Marvel comic addicts:
For those of us who haven’t lost touch with our inner child and still love to pass our time reading comics and living in the age of superheroes; limited edition comics are a superb gift! If you do manage to get your hands on one, you could make a whole set of the comic with its movie.
For Mr./Miss Lazy Bones:

Okay, who doesn’t love comfort and opulence, right? When all else fails; this option will come to your rescue. What we highly recommend is a spa day for your girlfriend and a lazy-boy couch for your boyfriend. If the gift is for your romantic half; a weekend getaway to a nearby bed and breakfast would be the perfect gift for both of you!

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For those after wanderlust:

If your friend has a case of the travel bug, this one is for them- get them open tickets to a destination of their choice or you could gift them your miles for them to redeem at a hotel or for a flight of their liking. If your wanderlust-stricken friend has already travelled the globe, you could get them a coffee table book of unknown facts from around the world (you could even make one yourself)- who knows, they may just find their next vacation destination, in one of the pages of the book!

Birthday Gift

For those with memorabilia:

(Oh come on, there’s one in all of us)
A journal would be the most ideal gift to give a person diagnosed with memorabilia, but a word of caution- you’d have to make this journal yourself, and it would require you to spend a lot of time with the recipient of the gift. Apart from which- you’d never be able to through away another movie ticket!
Alternatively, if you already possess something that has sentimental value for the two of you, we recommend getting it engraved with the respective date and initials.

Birthday Gift