mother's day macarons

The Best Personalised Custom Gifts for Mother’s Day

Special Mother’s Day Macarons

Mother’s Day: the one day that celebrates the first woman we all fall in love with; our mothers.

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, and this year that falls on the 14th of May. A less known fact about mother’s day is that, it is actually celebrated on different days (and months) in different parts of the world! In Thailand, for example, mother’s day is celebrated in August, on the birthday of the reigning queen, Sirikit.
The origin of the day can be dated back to 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial to commemorate her mother. Later she petitioned in accordance with her mother’s wishes; for a day, just to celebrate mothers. On 8th May 1914, President Woodrow Wilson, signed a Joint Resolution, declaring that the second Sunday of every May is to be celebrated as mother’s day.
Did you know that quarter of the world’s bouquets and flowers are purchased on Mother’s day? In fact, carnations (generally pink and red ones) are the most popular choice of flowers amongst the children for their mother’s gift. A research actually proves the several psychological and positive health benefits that women feel on receiving flowers!

Now that we’ve established that gifting your mother flowers, may actually prolong her life, you know that all your celebrations must begin with a glorious bouquet for her! But flowers alone, barely make the cut; they must be followed up with at least one other special personalized mother’s day gift for her, and that’s where we come in!

Amazeology unbelievably delicious custom personalised macarons are the perfect gift to show your mother, just how much you love her. Select her favourite flavour from our scrumptious flavour gallery and get your macarons personalized gift with a photograph of your mother, or your first ever photograph together. (Can you imagine her reaction to that? You’d be her favourite child, if you weren’t already!) All you would need to do is, upload the picture from your gallery/ Facebook/ Instagram account and you’re good to go!! Alternatively, you could also get meaningful quotes and personal messages printed on them.
The best part is that these beauties can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia; fresh and ready to be devoured by the eyes and the taste buds!!

mother's day macarons

Though just a day in the whole year, is not nearly enough to tell your mom how grateful you are too and for her; we can make the day it a little extra special, by going the extra mile to make her smile and fell loved. And by saying that we mean that along with your box of Amazeology’s goodies you could get other gifts personalised as well! Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Perfume bottle- if you cannot get a fragrance custom made, don’t fret! The crystal bottle containing it, can be personalized with your mother’s name etched on it! Adorable little bottles are easily available online and if you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra, Burberry too customizes their fragrance bottles with initials on them.
  2. Printed linen- There isn’t a mother in the world who doesn’t love new linen. And when the linen is custom made in her favourite colors with her initials embroidered on it, she is bound to adore it! If not towels then cushions or throws for the living room can be personalised with your photographs together!
  3. Breakfast tray- You could make your mum some good old fashioned scrambled eggs and OJ and serve it on a beautiful bed tray, printed or painted especially to incorporate her initials on it! How cute would that look? If you feel a little more extravagant, you could pair the tray with some glass tumblers as well.
  4. Tea/ coffee kit- If your mom is a tea lover; you could get her some organic tea, honey and crushed cinnamon and present it as a kit to her. If she likes coffee, you could make a kit of her favourite flavours.
  5. Etched bracelet/ pendant- Every woman loves jewelry especially when it’s gifted by someone they love. For a mother, nothing is more close to her heart than something her child has got for her. If your budget allows it, you could get your mother a bracelet or pendant set in sterling silver, with her initials or a small personal message for her etched on it.

If you want to create something super beautiful and special for your number 1. Lady, do visit us at Amazeology Australia and we’ll put a delicious spin on your creativity.