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Personalised Macaron Wedding Favours


Every wedding season brings with it, a bunch of new trends, ideas and styles that the blushing brides to be strive to emulate. This year is all about reinvention of classics! And whilst we may not be able to cover each trend of this wedding season; we are definitely going to try doing justice to one of our favorite customs personalised wedding favours.

Presenting this year most adorable personalized wedding favours:

  1. Custom printed personalised macarons:-
    (You cannot be surprised that our top contender for the best wedding favors is a confectionary item in Australia. After all, we all can go into the Guinness book of world records, for our love of sweets!

Here’s a fun fact about macarons- did you know that when they were first introduced to the world, the macaroons was a simply a chewy biscuit, without any filling! It was only in the 20th century, that the Picasso of Pastry; Pierre Herme got the idea of sandwiching a filling between two macaron shells- giving to the world, one of it’s most cherished desserts!

Macarons literally symbolize a union. You could distribute it, as you celebrate your union; in its newest avatar- the incredibly delicious and stunning, printed macaron!

There are soo many ways to go about this! Here are a few ideas:

  • You could get your initials printed on the macarons
  • An image of your husband and you could also embellish the macaron
  • All your special dates (like the first time you met and the day he proposed) could be printed on macarons with the shell color, matching your theme and décor.
  • You could also get your favorite love quotes printed on the macarons with your choice of filling in them.
  • The macarons can be of two different flavors- one of your choice, and one of his.
  • You could also quirk things up a bit and get fun facts of your life printed on them. For example; the groom’s childhood nick name, the bride’s hidden talent of playing the glass harp, or any childhood achievement.

We know the next question in your mind; ‘but where to I get these beauties?’
Why, here of course! All you need to do is log on to Amazeology macarons, choose your choice of flavor and shell color, upload your message or image and click on “place order”. That’s it. Within no time, these decadent bites of heaven will be delivered to your doorstep!!

  1. A Small Beverage Hamper
  • Herbal tea blend
    Along with a small pouch of some tea of your choice, you could also give an assortment of some honey, cardamom, ground cinnamon or jasmine essence. Nothing speaks more highly of your style and taste, than a carefully curated hamper or the world’s most popular beverage.
  • Flavored coffee blends
    Alternatively, if you are not-so-much of a tea drinker, maybe you would like your guests to go home with some really delicious coffee, put together in a hamper with some hazelnut flavoring and chocolate or caramel sauce.
    You could also ‘Irish’ things up a bit and give a miniature bottle of a coffee liquor of your liking.
    These days, since the world is on high-health alert, you could also give a jar of green coffee as your wedding favor.
  • Your signature cocktail kit
    Give your guests a taste of your signature cocktail by putting together a small kit of all the ingredients required to make your favorite cocktail.
    (P.S. It may be difficult to put in some of the fresh ingredients, like fruits, so you could always give a cocktail mix instead!)
  1. Funky accessories for him and her

How about handing out a pair of sunglasses to your guests, if you are having an outdoor wedding or reception or a pair of cute slippers for all the lovely ladies in high heel, who would love to dance comfortably!
If these are too unorthodox of your taste, you could also give the girls small pendants or charms or your favorite symbol (like the infinity symbol, or angel wings or even a simple heart). The men would love to adorn a smart lapel pin, or different colored pocket squares.
A rather traditional, but yet evergreen option is that of corsages and boutonnieres! You could put your own little spin on it and use pearls and Rhinestones (In colors, matching to the theme of your wedding) to create unique and utterly gorgeous accessories for your guest!

There are many more ideas that haven’t made the list- like home made scented candles, tickets to a local play or concert, or any-time redeemable movie tickets! If you have more, we would love to hear them, do write in to us.