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Custom printed Macarons – yes that’s right – custom printed Macarons!!! Available in 6 different shell colours and 6 delectable filling types, you get to build the macaron with any combination that you like as well as print them with your own photos or text. If incase photos is not your thing, then browse through our gallery where we’ve designed heaps of unique prints to make life easy for you!

Confectionary Tower


Everyone’s childhood dream of having a tower made of lollies, just got fulfilled at Amazeology! Now you can customize your very own confectionery tower, by filling in the 5 floors of the tower with your favorite Lollies. All you need to do is: select your top five from our list of more than 50 different kinds of lollies and select the perfect bow to go along with them! If you want to make it a little extra special you can also send a personal message with your tower, for your loved ones.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

The old-fashioned vanilla Fortune Cookie has been revamped here at Amazeology headquarters! Dip them in chocolate, decorate them with custom colour sprinkles, add some bling with coloured sugar or further customize them with custom stickers or direct print on the cookie itself. Oh and did we mention that the fortunes inside the cookie are also customize with your own text!

Chocolate Portrait


Yes, that is right! A whole portrait made out of pure Belgian chocolate and that too 100% edible! A photo is worth a 1000 words and if you have that one special photo that you so dearly treasure, then this is the best way to share it. A huge 400 gram frame made of the finest quality milk chocolate and a custom printed chocolate centrepiece come packed in a gift box, complete with a stand if you wish to display the portrait.

Chocolate Indulgence Box


Delectable 9 ganache filled Belgian chocolates, packed in a clear gift box and a custom printed chocolate center piece. The luxurious milk and dark chocolates are filled with rich caramel and mint ganache flavors making this box completely irresistible! Print the chocolate center piece with your favorite photo and message or select a design from our ever growing gallery.

Signature Chocolate Box

Signature Truffle Box1

It’s time to throw caution to the wind and show someone how you truly feel with this glorious box of 12 flavored chocolates and a printed chocolate center piece. Each box consists of our favorite flavors – Champagne Orange, Hazelnut Ganache and Pistachio along with a center piece printed with your cherished photo and message. Finished with a satin ribbon and a custom gift card, this box is the perfect gift for your loved one.

Deluxe Chocolate Box


You can’t get more awe-inspiring than our Deluxe Chocolate Box. Make it what you will – a party centerpiece, an unforgettable gift or a way to share dessert, this box is sure to impress. An enormous 32 piece chocolate box surrounding a custom printed chocolate portrait, each box is a mix of milk and dark chocolates with 4 jaw-dropping ganache fillings – Caramel, Mint, Hazelnut and Chocolate ganache.