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About Amazeology

Welcome to Amazeology! I’m pretty sure you’re here because you’re all ready to be AMAZED!!

We are Diksha & Gaurav, founders of Amazeology, the only place in Australia where you can print your photos direct from Instagram or Facebook onto marshmallows. Yes, you read it right – marshmallows!!

Our Story….

Our journey in the food printing business began when Gaurav and I realized we wanted an exciting change in our lives. Always been passionate about creativity and innovation, we wanted to create something new (something AMAZING to be precise) and explore our skills. We decided to search for something better and literally spent months searching for a business that we could excel at. Then it struck us like a bolt of lightning! We discovered an incredible technology that could print chocolate. We immediately fell in love, especially me since making chocolates has long been a personal passion. But there was a catch—a big one. The technology was expensive.

Since we firmly believe that “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”, we threw caution to the wind and decided to roll the dice. We were hooked onto the idea and took out a large loan to pay for it. Through the loan we established our first business, Branded Chocolates & Confectionery. With VERY VERY hard work, plenty of sleepless nights, our fair share of financial troubles and our two lovely children, we successfully paid off our loan and grew the business to a substantially successful size. Branded Chocolates and Confectionery today is one of the leading suppliers of branded goods to the corporate promotional product industry.

The Start of Amazeology

The idea for Custom Printed Macarons came to us via one of our lovely clients. Coming to us with a unique proposition borne from her own client’s request, one of our distributors asked if there was any way that we could brand our macarons with a special promotional logo. Intrigued and always up for a challenge, we decided to say yes to the request. We didn’t know what we were in for, but since we live by the standard that, ‘no matter what you have in mind, if you can conceive it, we can create it’ we didn’t back down.

After trials, tribulations, and adding a new piece of machinery to our equipment, we did it! Our client was ecstatic and so were we.
And AMAZEOLOGY was born :)

Amazeology is the closest to my heart as creating this product was the hardest but the most satisfying of anything that I’ve done so far. Trying to work on something new while juggling between an existing business, 2 kids and the daily hustle bustle, there were times (plenty of them actually), where self-doubt and the terrible feeling of ‘it’s not possible’ and ‘I can’t do it’ crept in but when you absolutely love what you do, you overcome any obstacles to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

Each box that goes out the door is as close to my heart as the first box that we ever printed, which was absolutely magical. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your goodies as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!!